To facilitate implementation of our policy commitments and objectives, we use a combination of audit and assessment programs along with an annual program for corporate and site-level third-party assurance of our sustainability framework – including ICMM’s enhanced Mining Principles and the Copper Mark Assurance Framework. Validation of ICMM’s Mining Principles and 39 performance expectations at the corporate and asset levels is a requirement of ICMM member companies and includes a mix of self-assessments, third-party assessments and transparent disclosures of outcomes. To receive the Copper Mark – a continuous improvement responsible production framework – copper mine sites, smelters and refineries voluntarily undertake third-party assessments against their performance on 32 ESG risk areas. FCX has achieved the Copper Mark at all 12 of its copper producing sites globally, including most recently at PT-FI in February 2023. In addition, following the extension of the Copper Mark framework to molybdenum producers in 2022, our two primary molybdenum mines and our four copper mines that produce by-product molybdenum were awarded the Molybdenum Mark.

Across our sites in 2022, we completed 15 internal Environmental Management Systems (EMS) audits and another 12 internal environmental compliance audits. GHG Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions data have been third-party verified in accordance with ISO 14064 (Specifications 1 and 3) to a reasonable level of assurance. Our health and safety management systems and environmental management systems obtain independent certification to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 45001 and ISO 14001, respectively. These systems include corrective and preventive action tracking for internal and external audit findings.

Our Tailings Management Program includes inspections and reviews of all active and inactive tailings storage facilities (TSFs). Engineers of Record inspect our operating TSFs on a quarterly basis. HRIAs are our primary method of conducting human rights due diligence at our active operations, including a sampling of our onsite contractors and local suppliers. HRIAs are conducted by third-party consultants, who gather direct input from internal and external rights holders. In addition to our own audit programs, customers and financial institutions periodically request to conduct sustainability-focused audits or assessments at certain facilities. Our operations are routinely inspected by regulatory agencies of host governments. We believe findings and feedback from these processes provide improvement opportunities.