Young girl shows how to make Spanish sentences with KLOO

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Young girl shows how to play KLOO, make sentences and learn Spanish. You can learn French, Spanish and Italian with KLOO. To find out more about this multi-award winning game go to

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Timeline: Girl in primary school explains how to make Spanish sentences with KLOO

00:06 How to start a game of KLOO with red card
00:10 How to build foreign sentences following the arrows
00:15 Making sentences as long as possible
00:25 How the coloured arrows work to build sentences
00:48 Rules for double arrow cards
01:06 How to score your sentence with KLOO


Girl: So you always have to start with a red and then you just follow the arrows to try and make a sentence as long as you can.
Man: So you played a blue card. Why did you play the blue card? Girl: Because the blue arrow – because it’s an arrow that’s blue so it says put a blue card next. And that is a purple arrow so we put a purple there.
Man: Yes
Girl: And you could either put a yellow or a green there because its got a yellow or a green arrow but I’m going to put yellow. If you put a green card down because it has a double arrow you have to put the next card down. And try and make as long a sentence as you can.
Man: Wow in fact you played 7 cards. How many points does that score.
Girl: That would be 7 points.


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