Podunk Roleplayer Wastes 10 Minutes Of Your Time (Back To Normal)

I do a bit of combat, but mainly focus on shop dialogue. Featuring; someone else’s apartment complex, our casino, and a bit of bragging.
The Pipe n’ Poob Tavern channel aims to capture the unique player interactions that occur in Rust while roleplaying at zerg proportions.

Welcome to the official YouTube channel for the Pipe n’ Poob Tavern, Ima Poob, the owner of this fine establishment.
We play Rust exclusively on the Official Facepunch US East 2 server.

We run a friendly rust shop where everyone is welcome. The shop front is fitted with 8+ vending machines stocked with nearly every craftable item in the game.

We also sell apartments! In the past, we have had as many as three tiers of apartments to choose from, along with a super-deluxe VIP suite worth 100k metal ore. Normal apartments start at 10k metal ore, paid in full. We pay your taxes all wipe, and hand out occasional rewards for helpful residents.

Our website; www.pipenpoob.com has more information on apartments and pricing (subject to inventory).

Also on the website;

-Our customer service phone/text line
-Our own crypto-currency
-Screenshots of past wipes
-Legacy pricing

Thank you so much for your interest in the shop! Hop in our discord to say hello sometime or apply!

This channel was ultimately created to document an attempt at a roleplayers meta. Rust can be as much a game of diplomacy as shooting. The vending machines, apartment / hotel, and casino are designed to be more productive than boring towers surrounding a locked down compound. While we have reached zerg proportions, I started with this idea as a duo, when wooden shop fronts were released, and have carried it forward with amazing results. The allies I’ve made from returning gear after fights, or getting people up and teaching them the game has resulted in a booming shop/role player town/zerg compound. People are worth much more as allies than defeated enemies. All of the Pipe n’ Poob Tavern’s successes up to this point are rooted in this idea.

Enjoy the ree.

-Ima Poob

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