'J'Accuse Bitch!' Ep. 5 Official Clip | Our Cartoon President | SHOWTIME

Don Jr. and his father confront Cartoon Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about his actions.


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Executive produced by multiple Emmy® winner Stephen Colbert and his Late Show executive producer, Chris Licht, this hilarious new 10-episode parody will follow the tru-ish misadventures of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and his merry band of advisors and family members. R.J. Fried will serve as executive producer and showrunner. Tim Luecke will serve as lead animator and co-executive producer. Matt Lappin will serve as consulting producer.

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  • Lol Donald Jr. and Trudeau both sons living up their dads….

    Xav215 XL
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Our PM deserves to be made fun of, and this is the cartoon to do it.

    Speculating Peridot
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Justin was supposed to say aBOOT

    Carson Brandt
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Inaccurate portrayal of Trudeau. Every other word needs to be “uh” and in a condescending pastel affectation.

    Arctic Wind
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Reminder that Treadeu wore blackface at least 3 times

    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Love the background music on this show. Perfect.

    Courtney Lynn
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Does anyone know what Eric Trump says at 0:40 second mark?

    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Trudeau needs more uhhhs

    Curtis Robinson
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • This is not a accurate Trudeau he needs his Gotie

    John Wayne
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • All liers every one of them corrupt To the bone all related to Russia

    monica wilson
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • The good news is that this show will be on for another 5 years.

    Darin Gregory
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Trudeau the Wildfire.

    Great Mao
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • I'm having a weird day. Everything keeps having something to do with moose.

    Matt Stafford
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • 0:50 Thought his father, was Castro???

    Nelly Farnsworth
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • As a canadian i don't know how to feel.

    Also umm actually there are 3 territories too which are basically identical to provinces unlike us territories/s

    Jacob Hogan
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • To be honest, I think they made TruDope look way smarter than he actually is.

    He did black face 3 times by way and he was re-elected. Yeah, that's our boy.

    Tamatik Canada
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Cartoon Trudeau looks like Todd Howard

    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Trudeau isn’t nearly that articulate

    Andrew Murray
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • Ive heard that Canadians think Trudeau comes off as sort of fakey. I think this shows that

    & rew
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • HA HA HA!! 😂😂😂

    PrincessMegan Elsa
    Posted July 6, 2020
  • That is so TRU-deau! (true though)

    Tony CHEN
    Posted July 6, 2020

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