Crazy Fire Cracker (Diwali Cracker Game) 2018 new 2d game in play store

Crazy fire cracker is a game based on the Diwali Festival, one of most famous hindu festival celebrated all over the world and mostly in india. Deepawali also known as festival of Diyas(Lights).

Diwali festival is a famous festival celebrated all over word.
You can select different types of firecrackers, rockets etc…

Download to PLAY your new game “crazy fire cracker” in “Arcade” category on Google play now!

01. All Types of Crackers.
02. Fireworks Simulator with sound effects.
03. Free Full Version.
04. Virtual Crackers.
05.100% FREE game play.
06.Different fire crackers, bombs, rockets to unlock & light.
07.NEW Realistic physics to feel.
08.Smooth controls for burning & lighting your cracker bombs.
10.”Enjoy the pack of virtual Diwali Game”
11.”Go Virtual With Divali Game and Have a Safe Diwali”
12.* 6 FireCrackers to match and blast including Chakkars,Sparkles etc.
13.* Realistic sounds of Fatakas(Crackers)
14.* Magical Effects of fireworks
15.Some awesome features
16.Smooth controls
17.Nice graphics
18.User friendly interface
19.Ready to crack fireworks

Happy Diwali to all of you.


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