Breakdown Playthrough Part 1

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Developed and published by Namco in 2004, Breakdown is a first person shooter game only released for the Xbox. This is part 1 of 2 of a mostly blind playthrough. I get the good ending.
This game is running on an original xbox. I am using a scalar converter to stretch the video to 1920×1080. It is possible to play this game on a 360 with minor issues compared to some other games depending on how you feel about save data corruption. I have not tried to play this on a 360 myself, as I never bothered to buy a new one after mine red ringed.

Please note: Throughout the entire playthrough, I have some difficulties with the controls for switching weapons and locking on. This is why I accidentally crouch when I get into a fight. I cut out probably all of the game overs, with 9 hours of footage it’s possible I missed one or two. Some of the edits are really abrupt but I did make an attempt to make most of them as subtle as I could. I also cut out the time searching for batteries/switch handles. There is frequent loading but thankfully load times are very brief and only last a second or two.

2:25 – Game Start
13:34 – Tutorial End
26:22 – There’s one inside you right now.
28:30 – First T’lan encounter
37:37 – Godhand awakens
42:32 – Hallucination
45:10 – Fighting in the fire
58:13 – Meeting up with Alex/Solus denied entry to Fort Derrick [No T’lan allowed]
1:00:50 – Power Increasing/”Fight” with Solus
1:02:20 – Bullet blocking
1:07:25 – Helicopter
1:11:35 – Hallucination
1:24:42 – T’lan wall down
1:28:34 – Resident Evil 4 came out in 2005
1:30:03 – I’m sure there are older games with something like this though
1:33:35 – Assault T’lan
1:38:45 – Stefania
1:44:10 – tension
1:46:11 – T’lan spooks
1:54:13 – Glen
1:58:36 – Hallucination
2:02:06 – Geotomography
2:05:41 – Accelerator
2:15:05 – Alex goes for a ride
2:19:30 – Meeting with Gianni
2:27:25 – Did you play half life?
2:33:20 – Guard T’lan
2:36:25 – Hallucination
2:38:27 – Tag with Solus (controller malfunctioned during his dialogue)
2:42:10 – Playing in the sewer
2:52:53 – Helicopter fight
2:58:24 – Meeting up with Alex, again
3:10:27 – There it is. Site Zero.


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  • If you never used aim assist you could've gotten headshots all game. I beat all the soldiers with nothing but the pistol.

    Rocks vs Uzis
    Posted July 3, 2020

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